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Audience photo from the event hall

Event programme

As a Citizens’ University, Heinrich Heine University attaches great importance to public engagement. The Citizens’ University event programme is aimed at everyone who is interested in science and would like to learn more about current research. Event venues include the Haus der Universität, the university campus and further locations in the city.

The programme is aimed at communicating, explaining and discussing science in an easy-to-understand way. It is oriented to the profile and research focuses of Heinrich Heine University, as well as current social and scientific challenges. All five faculties and many research facilities are involved, often with their own event series. The programme ranges from traditional scientific lectures and panel discussions to science slams and interactive formats.

The Haus der Universität also hosts other academic, scientific and cultural events, including in particular events held by our cooperation partners such as concerts organised by the Robert Schumann Conservatory (Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule).

All current events at the Haus der Universität can be found in our online calendar and are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

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