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Booking inquiries

Would you like to organise an event at the Haus der Universität?

We are happy to help you in the planning and realisation of your event and look forward to hearing from you.

Event Office:

Susanne van Putten, Ute Tenhaaf
Tel. +49 – 211 – 81 – 10345 

Booking form

Thank you for your interest in booking rooms at the Haus der Universität!

Before you start your planning, please take a moment to read the following information.


Our primary purpose is to present scientific research and teaching, culture and academic life in the heart of the city of Düsseldorf.

In addition, our building is available for internal events, conferences, training and meetings – not only to members of Heinrich Heine University, but also people, organisations and companies from outside the university.

Private celebrations, advertising and sales presentations as well as events with a political, religious or international background are unfortunately not permitted.


There are fees for the renting of rooms – except for university events. Our pricing categories can be found in the usage and pricing guidelines (in German).

The price list indicates hourly prices; we charge for every half hour started of the actual event. There may be a one-time fee levied for preparation and follow-up work.

The prices include equipment, desired furnishing of the rooms and the standard cleaning costs including the usual technology mentioned in the room descriptions.

Additional costs, e.g. on-site tech support, special cleaning necessary after the event or possible damages and losses are calculated separately.


We would be happy to serve you hot and cold beverages, cookies and salted snacks on request and subject to availability.


Our professional catering kitchen on the ground floor of the building can be used if you would like a more elaborate service for your guests. We would be happy to help you choose a suitable catering establishment.

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