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Welcome to the Haus der Universität!

This palace in the heart of Düsseldorf has been left by the foundation van Meeteren into the hands of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität (HHU). It serves as a place of information and advice, as well as the exchange of research, culture and education.

The HHU wants to share modern research and its results within manifold events. The citizens of Düsseldorf and the surrounding area are welcome to participate and inform themselves about various possibilities. Last but not least, the Haus der Universität (House of the University) shall bring university life into the city.

Programme and News

Please note that our programme and news are only in German. All the rest of the Haus der Universität (House of the University) web pages is available in English.

For further information about the related organisation to the Haus der Universität, e.g. Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (HHU), please refer to the undefinedEnglish version of the HHU website.

You can find detailed contact information on the undefinedService Page of this website.



Haus der Universität

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