Views of the Haus der Universität

With its complete renovation, gutting and redesign in 2012-2013, the former business house of the "Niederrheinischen Bank" from 1897 was transformed into a representative and likewise resident-friendly representation of the Heinrich-Heine-University in the city of Düsseldorf.

The pictures and animations provide first impressions of the "new" building. (All pictures: Copyright HHU 2013).

Exterior Views - Prologue

Prologue: Animation of the Haus der Universität, situated near "Kö-Bogen", in 2011.

The soon-to-be Haus der Universität in 2012.

The building Schadowplatz No. 14 is known to be a prominent spot in the city of Düsseldorf - here the Christmas Market.

The renovations of the heritage-protected house were long and sophisticated: behind the heritage-protected front, completely newly designed and modern rooms for events arouse.

View to the other side of the Düsseldorf Schadowplatz: the project Köbogen emerges vis-a-vis with the Haus der Universität. The opening will also be in autumn 2013.

View on to the Haus der Universität in the summer 2013 shortly before the completion of the works: independently from the building, the whole Schadowplatz is a large building site.

Current Exterior Views

Details of the new exterior front in 2013.
The head of the Haus der Universität, Prof. Dr. Georg Pretzler, in front of the new building August 2013.

Interior Views

The generous lounge (animation).
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